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Our experience shows that the needs of customers are diverse, as they result from the characteristics of a given sector, the current stage of development of a given company, but also a number of external factors. Our unique solutions are the response to various needs. We present to our clients a broad range of services and many possibilities to choose from, but the final offer is prepared after detailed consultations with the client. This way we can propose not only optimum solutions and products, but also the process of their development.



We support our clients in strategic transformation which aims at conducting business in a profitable and responsible manner, accounting for the impact on the environment.


  • Strategic analysis and planning
  • Impact management
  • Sustainable Development Goals


Dobrej jakości dane niefinansowe i spójność ich prezentacji, to istota ujawniania danych ESG.

Pomagamy przygotować raporty użyteczne zarówno dla organizacji raportujących jak i dla ich czytelników. Zgodnie z uznanymi standardami międzynarodowymi i obowiązującymi regulacjami.


  • Non-financial reporting
  • Integrated reporting


We believe that it is possible to establish and manage relationships with stakeholders based on dialogue and trust, and responsible sales is one of the ways to form long-term and stable relationships with customers and to ensure their loyalty. We support companies in activities that allow them create and reinforce such relationships.


  • Responsible sales
  • Stakeholder relations' management


In organisations with clearly defined values everyone feels like an important part of the team, which not only increases the employees' commitment, but also their efficiency. We help our clients create an organisation where employees can feel safe, they can identify with it and utilise their full potential.. 


  • Diversity management
  • Values based management