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In 2019, the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) imposed on various companies fines amounting to PLN 425 million.


40% of bank advisers admit that in the last 12 months they offered the client a product in an option that, in their opinion, was not the most suitable for him/her (e.g. a cash loan with insurance instead of a loan without insurance).

(“How is it to work in a bank?", 2019 edition, Bankier.pl)



Despite the fact that customer-orientation has become the axis of business strategies of many companies and despite the actual positive changes in the aspect of ​​responsibility in customer relations, it is still an area where errors and abuse occur.

In a number of organisations from various sectors, system solutions still operate that directly or indirectly influence irresponsible behaviour, especially of direct sales employees.

If the lack of self-regulation and of perceptible improvement in the area of ​​responsible sales and customer relations persists, it may lead to the introduction by supervisory authorities of increasingly stringent regulations to protect the interests of consumers.


We perceive responsible sales as a cross-functional process involving the entire organisation and as such, influencing the customer experience all along his customer journey.

We help identify system errors, not only in sales processes, but also other that may affect sales-related responsibility,

We support in defining goals and approach to sales management and in building relationships with customers in a responsible manner,

We arrange processes and functions, including the function of the Customer Ombudsman in the organisation.


We believe that it is possible to establish and manage relationships with stakeholders based on dialogue and trust, and responsible sales is one of the ways to form long-term and stable relationships with customers and to ensure their loyalty. We support companies in activities that allow them create and reinforce such relationships.


  • Responsible sales - assesment of the organization's maturity
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