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SDG & ME® is a workshop which - in an interactive and engaging way - helps clients define which Sustainable Development Goals they should focus their activities around, taking into account the social and market context, the organisation’s impact on the environment and their own strategic priorities. Using a variety of tools and methods, we guide the client through the process of reflecting on his own business and priorities versus the environment in which he operates and the challenges that exercise the greatest impact on the organisation. We also emphasise these aspects that can be influenced by the organisation.



We outline the context and the map of the environment in which the organisation operates, from the point of view of significant challenges, topics, areas of impact and stakeholders.


We integrate the map of the environment with the Sustainable Development Goals, the development of the Map of Goals reflecting the defined criteria.


We select Sustainable Development Goals of priority importance for the organisation, the clarification of topics and areas for action, the assignment of activities and projects to be accomplished.