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We know that professional support is needed, not only in large projects, but also on a daily basis, in making decisions and in on-going activities. Therefore, as part of the annual subscription, we support our clients in solving problems and in tackling challenges, which managers responsible for sustainable development and responsible management face every day. We share our knowledge and experience, we help in communication.

In addition, as part of the subscription, we offer the arrangement and conducting of a workshop for a selected target group.


The service covers ongoing consultations, providing clarifications, answering questions and support in solving everyday problems:


  • Consulting the descriptions of activities and good practices
  • Providing answers to questions on an ongoing basis, providing clarifications in the aspect of conducted or planned activities and practices for internal and external communication
  • Consulting application forms for competitions and other initiatives


The service covers research on and development of summaries regarding specific topics, support in the preparation of focused presentations both for external as well as internal needs:


  • Preparation of proposed assumptions for communication materials
  • Consulting prepared messages from the point of view of their content
  • Preparation of assumptions and consulting the content of press releases
  • Support in preparation for speeches and presentations, including arrangement of proposed assumptions / issues for a public address
  • Consulting prepared slides and the content of the speech


Our experience shows that the needs of customers are diverse, as they result from the characteristics of a given sector, the current stage of development of a given company, but also a number of external factors. The service covers:


  • Development of basic compilations regarding, for example, relevant publications, social organisations, initiatives and good practices in selected areas
  • Support in the preparation of basic presentations on selected topics